Gel Polishes – A smarter option for women professionals!

The sales of nail polish touched $800 million a year in the United States, there’s a sea of decorated digits out there. But spending your cash on polish that chips or flakes in a couple of days can be a waste of time and money. Now, women have the option of gel polishes that offer 2 to 4 weeks of staying power.

“Gel polishes last longer and resist chipping,” A long chain of molecules in the gel polishes gives them strength by forming a durable yet flexible coat upon hardening. The polish sets with exposure to ultraviolet light.

Gel Polishes – A smarter option for women professionals.

Benefits of Gel nail polish vs standard nail polishes.

  • Quick drying – Gel polishes dry within a few minutes because of the use of UV light. These lights harden the gel without burning your skin.
  • Long Lasting – They can hold their shine and may last up to two to three weeks without chipping.
  • Suitable for people with thin and brittle nails



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